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  • mia pron khalifa 2018-12-21 00:33

    cbXhSz Really appreciate you sharing this article.Thanks Again. Cool.
  • Rahil 2015-10-28 11:36

    Yeah, I should cafirly. There's no problem with devs telling a story, but the
    structure of MMOs is about playing off of other people in a persistent world
    (whether through direct or indirect interaction). The most interesting parts of
    that (the parts that drive interest and retention) are going to be the stories
    that players are enabled to tell because it's a unique part of the genre. Those
    ephemeral moments of Awesome or Weirdness are what sell these MMO gamespaces as
    somewhere worth visiting.Sure, you can get your watercooler/blog discussions
    about how your Smuggler handled that one moral choice in SWTOR, or how your
    guild downed the Lich King, but you could get much the same thing talking about
    an offline game. MMOs simply have the potential to *function* differently from
    other games, so it's baffling to me that devs seem to want to put the experience
    on rails. It bothered me in WoW, it bothers me in the core design ethos of
    SWTOR.It doesn't bother me because the dev stories are bad, either (though they
    may be), it bothers me because they aren't letting players *play* in these great
    potential playgrounds. They are just pushing them through the motions.So when I
    say that MMOs *should* be about player stories, it's because I think that's the
    unique selling point and strength of the genre. That doesn't mean devs should
    be forbidden to tell stories, just that they might be missing the point if they
    can't let go of the reins.Then again, this is a problem I have with game design
    on a larger scale; way too many devs seem to be frustrated filmmakers, not
    really *game* makers. It's a different sort of entertainment, this
    "game" animal, and it can't really be expected to function the same
    way. It's a spectrum, though, not a binary "sandbox/theme park"
    dichotomy. *shrug*
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