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Black 2

Tau patikėta svarbi misija, turi nugalėti visus priešus!



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  • Zoe 2012-12-08 17:38

    Hey Sugar Tits, I just published the gomdadn thing. Like it'll do you any good
    since his CD isn't even for sale in this country. Booyeah!Sullivan: For the
    record, the other night I listened to the CD twice, took notes and wrote a rough
    draft of the review (saved on this wordpress). I finished it up just now and
    hit the old Publish button. If you please, do throw some critical insights
    into my review writing style. And also everyone should write reviews for things
    because I want to know what you people like and why. MrHand: I didn't
    (knowingly) use any Game Theory. I used simple solving algorithms like
    eliminating possibilities in an interative fashion and determining when only 1
    option remains which works fine for the easier boards. The paradox is that the
    easier techniques to code are the more taxing on the human mind, while the
    tougher boards cannot be completed without the simpler techniques a human can
    do, which are more difficult to code.Chuck: I like to run. If you want to go
    run around the track at the school behind my apartment we can do, for sure.
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