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  • Kanwal 2012-12-08 18:40

    At work I am signed on with Skype and Google Talk. At home I am acilsscbee by
    phone/text message. I don't stay connected at home because I move around too
    much and don't feel like it's worth anyone's time to pretend I'm online when I'm
    probably not.However, using the conversational aspect of GMail threads is useful
    for keeping tabs on peeps. I need to read a big ass book for this book club I'm
    in with Ran. I need to do some pre-writing plot development for NaNoWriMo. I
    want to write a small vector graphic based Asteroids-like game in Java. If you
    agree, Sullivan, I can start emailing you every day and if either of us was
    unproductive then we can hurl insults at each other and make the other feel bad
    so it won't happen again. Negative reinforcement from friends and peers is
    fun!My task to be completed tonight is to1) listen to Andrew W K's new album
    again2) write a review of this album on this siteAnyone and everyone can feel
    free to toss abuse my way if this does not get accomplished.