Anekdotai, žaidimai, paveikslėliai, sudoku ir kt.


Ola. Šikšnosparnių tuntas kabo... Visi...

Ola. Šikšnosparnių tuntas kabo... Visi normaliai žemyn galva, tik vienas
kažkoks nesusipratėlis galva aukštyn...

Naktis, naktipiečių metas - visi išskrenda, išskyrus tą nesusipratėlį... Po
kiek laiko grįžta, o tas jau normaliai, "įprastai" kabo...

- Kas tau buvo atsitikę?
Šikšnosparnis (nesusipratėlis):
- Ai, nieko baisaus, truputį apalpęs buvau...



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  • Ojetayo 2012-04-22 04:01

    Yes, independence and the coellge degree are worth it. When I went to coellge
    it cost a total of 4,000 $ and my parents paid for it. I was young and married
    at the time. I chose a great school. Florida State University. I actually
    learned to iron in my fashion classes. I had had a maid most of my life (
    family helper ). to this day, i love ironing. It represents a better time when
    we all walked across a beautiful old campus with lots of heavy textbook ! We
    drove home, top down and had our own apartment. It was great ! i am taking an
    online master's class now, in business. I taught myself last year to uses the
    computer, after much protesting that it was for the young ! I am 60 now.
    Married 2 times, have 2 sons, 24 and 35. Divorced 2 times and now a grandson.
    I have a super great daugter-in-law who loves to cook and take care of my son
    and her son ! After coellge, i worked for a couple of retailing firms. I did
    my internship with a large department store and then worked for a smaller chain
    store. After a couple of years, my dad knew our dream was to have our own
    clothing store ( boutique, back then ! ), so that's how it began to happen. My
    degree in Fashion Merchandising took me many places. MY love for New York City
    grew each and every time I visited for business trips. I have stayed at the
    Plaza hotel on Fifth Avenue, and had numerous great Italian dinners that I could
    not have dreamed about of afforded. When we were young, there was no pizza
    delivery just mom's home cooking. My dad passed away ten years ago and mom
    will be 90 next week. I had mostly older women professors, who knew their
    stuff. They resembled my grandmother, but never mentioned church or religion.
    I am proud to be a florida state seminole and a coellge graduate. I will say I
    just saw the movie, Julia and Julia and I did not know what blogging was. This
    is my first and probably my last blog or response, but I want you to know that
    my young fabulous dining out choices challenged me at a young age to read Julia
    Child's guide to french cooking and that is exactly how I learned to cook and
    take chances in life. I bought all the ingredients, read each page of the
    reciped and invited people to our home for dinner. Thank you for the chance to
    blog with you. Many happy moments on where your educational journey will take
    you. Never give up the ship. Get the diploma. And enjoy where it takes you.
    luv, Shirley Bocook
  • auriuske 2009-02-23 19:48

    neidomu visiskaj.....
  • monika 2008-12-30 15:37

    neidomu ;(