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Kartą skrusdėlės užpuolė dramblį. Viena jų...

Kartą skrusdėlės užpuolė dramblį. Viena jų užlipo į medį ir šaukią kitoms:
– Traukitės, sesės, aš tuoj šoksiu ir sulaužysiu jam stuburą!



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  • Allen 2012-04-21 20:13

    I like killers, and this was a fun vealrnatite. I completed it in a few minutes.
    Since only the 10 value was added, I made that the single-digit Roman Numeral
    X to avoid writing in 2 values per square.And speaking of double-digit values,
    I finally bit the bullet and bought your Sudoku Pro puzzle book. I had trouble
    in the past justifying not completing the 8 or so pages of 16 16 and 25 25
    sudokus that I don't like (OCD that I am). However, I get much enjoyment from
    the puzzles here and puzzlemix that I'll throw some support your way. Cheers.